About The Nisus Way

This HTML version of The Nisus Way has been designed for easy reading and navigation. Here are some tips to get you started.

A number of the sidebar notes refer to the CD-ROM that was enclosed with the book. Where possible, I've made these files available via ftp on the CD-ROM page. Click the CD icon or the text link in any of the notes to go directly to that page.

There are many references in the text to features that are either obsolete now or which have changed significantly in more recent versions of the program. While I haven't given the text a full update, I've called attention to a few significant changes using a note like this.

There are other changes that have taken place in the Mac OS or elsewhere in the universe that are not directly related to Nisus Writer, but which have some impact on the truth of what was stated in the text. Information of that sort is presented in a note like this.

I've inserted page numbers in the text like this 15 to indicate where a given page of the print version started. Note, however, that figures and sidebar notes are not necessarily in the same position in the HTML version as they were in print; where appropriate, I've moved them closer to the text that refers to them than was possible in the printed layout.

Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1999 by Joe Kissell

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