429Section IV. Applied Document Processing

In this, the final section of the book, we want to take all the individual techniques we’ve covered and put them together. It’s not enough to know how to define a style or write a macro, for instance—you need to know when to do these things, and how you can bring Nisus Writer’s numerous strengths to bear on the documents you’re actually creating. In the next few chapters, we’ll look at some of the most common document types created with Nisus Writer—things like business forms, academic papers, HTML documents, and instructional materials. We’ll describe the most important techniques you’ll need to know for each 430 kind of document processing task, look at the tools that will be most useful in getting the job done, and talk about how to overcome some of the limitations you may encounter. Sample documents of all the types discussed in this section are also on the CD-ROM so that you can see firsthand how everything was done, and even modify the existing files for your own uses.

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