65Section II. Mastering the Fundamentals

This section is primarily for people who are not at all familiar with Nisus Writer. We’ll cover all the basic techniques of entering and editing text, graphics, and sound. We’ll also talk about printing and mailing documents and managing your Nisus Writer files. In order to make sure you have a firm foundation for the later chapters where we talk about all the cool power features, I’ve included a fair amount of detail here. If you already know a lot about other Macintosh programs, you may find it a bit tedious to review it all here; feel free to treat this as a reference section for when you have particular questions. If, on the other hand, this whole Macintosh thing is a new experience for you, sit back in a comfortable chair with your PowerBook and a cup of tea, and prepare to learn lots of neat things.

66 Chapter 4, “Text Basics,” looks at the nuts and bolts of word processing in Nisus Writer. Chapter 5, “Beyond Words: Graphical Elements,” looks at the tools and features available for adding all kinds of graphical elements to your documents. Chapter 6, “Working with Sound,” shows how easy and useful it can be to add sound to your document-processing toolkit.

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