1Section I. The Nisus Way

As users begin working with Nisus Writer, some fundamental questions inevitably arise. What makes Nisus Writer unique? How did it come to be the way it is? What kind of user was it designed for? How can I approach it in the most effective way? Why is it better (or worse) than any other word processor? This section answers those questions and many more. It will take you through the evolution of the product, point out its strengths and weaknesses, give you some helpful strategies for approaching the program, and provide guidance for users switching from a different word processor. If you’re new to Nisus Writer, you’ll find important background information here that will help you get the most out of the program—and the rest of this book. And if you’re already a Nisus Writer pro, you’ll uncover some interesting tidbits that will give you an all-new appreciation for this unique word processor.

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