December 20, 1995

The Nisus Way Now Available

Nisus Writer, the increasingly popular high-end Macintosh word processor of choice, has a new companion, The Nisus Way (MIS:Press; January 1996; US$29.95, Book/CD-ROM; 600 pages; ISBN 1-55828-455-9). It was written by Nisus guru Joe Kissell, with input from Nisus Software and many Nisus Writer users worldwide.

This book/CD package offers in-depth information, detailed instructions, and authoritative tips on this powerful word processing package. Written for novices and experienced users alike, The Nisus Way begins with the fundamentals of text editing, layout, document formatting, and file management, and moves on to advanced Nisus Writer topics like customization, marking and indexing, setting up macros and scripts, applied document processing, and Internet interactivity.

And as the author explains, "the book comes with a CD-ROM which is, in my humble opinion, the most valuable piece of plastic ever packaged free with a book." The CD includes: Nisus Writer 4.1 that can be used free for 90 days (and registered thereafter for $79), dozens of custom-designed macros, a FREE copy of Nisus Compact, floating tool bars, demo versions of TSM Passport (a Japanese-English bilingual dictionary) and MailKeeper (a note/e-mail/address database), and all the macros, glossaries, stationery, and sample files discussed in the book, including HTML and multimedia documents.

The only book on the market that offers an insider's guide to Nisus Writer, The Nisus Way will have readers on their way to becoming power users in no time.

How to Purchase The Nisus Way

You can view a sample chapter of the book at the Stacey's Professional Bookstore web site:

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About the Author

Joe Kissell is a co-founder of ComputerGeeks, Inc., a consulting and training firm. He is also resident Net Wizard at Nisus Software in Solana Beach, CA, and is a graduate student in Linguistics at the University of California, San Diego. He has previously worked as a computer graphic artist and Nisus Trainer. He can be reached at the address