About These Macro Files

These two macro files contain most of the macros discussed in The Nisus Way, plus dozens more that were never mentioned due to limitations of space. The only difference between the two files is that "Nisus Macros w/Merge" also contains the Merge Macros (found elsewhere on this CD), while "Nisus Macros" does not.

If you drag the "Nisus Macros" file to your Nisus Writer folder (or to the Nisus Writer Tools folder inside it), it will open automatically whenever you launch the application. To make the "Nisus Macros w/Merge" file load automatically, move it to the same location and rename it "Nisus Macros." Either file can also be opened manually, either by double-clicking in the Finder or by using the Open dialog or the Catalog.

Once loaded, the macros will appear on the Macros submenu of your Tools menu. To activate a macro, choose its name from this menu.

IMPORTANT: Adding keyboard shortcuts to macros makes them much easier to use. To do this, choose Keyboard Shortcuts from the Preferences submenu of the Editing menu (see Chapter 9 for details). Each macro has a suggested shortcut; choose Edit Macro File… from the Macros submenu to see the recommended shortcuts.

If you can't figure out what a macro is supposed to do (or if you're just curious), look at my comments in the macro file itself. Again, to do this, choose Edit Macro File… from the Macros submenu.

While I have tried hard to make these macros both useful and bug-free, this is an imperfect world and you may find some macros that don't work correctly on your machine, or which don't do quite what you'd like. Chapter 12 gives you complete instructions for writing and editing macros—experiment and adapt these macros to the way you work! If something positively refuses to work, or if you've come up with a better way to do something (which would not be too surprising!), I'd love to hear from you. Send me an e-mail message at kissell@computergeeks.com.


Joe Kissell

November, 1995