[Announcement text appearing in Logic Programming Digest; V16, I02 (02 Feb 1996)]

From: cwmr@cl.cam.ac.uk (C. W. M. Restivo)
Subject: Announcement; The Nisus Way
Date: 15 Jan. 1996 00:00:12 GMT

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce a new book; The Nisus Way, Henry Holt And
Company, Inc - MIS Press.

F. A. Adetunji (Reviewer):


The Nisus Way, J. Kissell. MIS Press, New York, New York, USA. January, 1996. 580pp (and CD-ROM). Softback. ISBN 1-55828-455-9. Cost; US$29.95.

a subsidiary of Henry Holt and Company, Inc.
115 West 18th Street,
New York, New York 10011
(800) 488-5233

A B S T R A C T :

Kissell's book is an indispensable reference and resource and we recommend it highly. It represents an insightful text on various aspects of using Nisus Writer Version 4.1 today. It belongs in the library of readers interested in using this program in their work.

The primary message of the text is an approach to incorporating Nisus Writer v4.1 into one's word processing activities. The guiding outlook throughout is on the user of Nisus Writer and interaction techniques to enhance the utility of the application. This book examines how and when to use the manifold features of Nisus Writer. Also included is a CD-ROM containing a time-expiring (90-days) version of Nisus Writer, many useful macros, and other assorted mechanisms, along with a special offer for readers of The Nisus Way to extend their purchase to the non-expiring version.

While we realize many readers use TeX, LaTeX, BibTeX, etc. in their professional document preparation work, we also realize there are as many readers in-need of a word-processing application that goes beyond Microsoft Word. This is a wonderful program and merits serious consideration.


T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S :

Section I The Nisus Way

- Ch. 1 Welcome to Nisus Writer

- Ch. 2 The Nisus Writer Philosophy

- Ch. 3 Switching From Another Word Processor

Section II Mastering the Fundamentals

- Ch. 4 Text Basics

- Ch. 5 Beyond Words: Graphical Elements

- Ch. 6 Working with Sound

- Ch. 7 Document Formatting and Printing

- Ch. 8 File Management

Section III Power Techniques

- Ch. 9 Customizing Nisus Writer

- Ch. 10 Advanced Editing

- Ch. 11 Find and Replace

- Ch. 12 Automating Nisus Writer

- Ch. 13 Understanding WorldScript

- Ch. 14 Business Document Processing

- Ch. 15 Working with Long Document

- Ch. 16 Nisus Writer and the 'Net

- Ch. 17 Creating Instructional Materials

- Ch. 18 Organizing Your Life with Nisus Writer

Appendix A Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix B Find/Replace Expressions

Appendix C Macro Macro Command Quick Reference

Appendix D Troubleshooting

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