The Nisus Way

Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1999 by Joe Kissell

The Nisus Way is the first and only book written about Nisus Writer, the powerful word processor for Mac OS. Published in 1996, it received rave reviews and attracted a very loyal readership. Unfortunately, the book did not sell well enough to keep it in print or convince the publisher to produce an updated edition. However, readers continue to find it a helpful reference, and used copies still fetch a good price. This page is provided by the author as a public service. Share and enjoy.

The Nisus Way Online

After many months of discussions with the publisher and further months of preparation, I’m pleased to present, complete and unexpurgated, the original version of The Nisus Way in HTML form. In August, 1999, I received a letter from IDG Books stating that the book is now officially considered out of print and that publication rights have been reassigned to me. I got busy HTMLizing the text, and it’s now available for your reading pleasure. This book covers Nisus Writer through version 4.1, so some of the material is rather dated, but even users of newer versions should find much useful information.

I’ve added an .sea (self-extracting archive) version of the downloadable file, which I think will be decompressible on machines too old to use Stuffit Expander 5.x.

This HTML version of The Nisus Way requires a generation 4 or higher browser; looks best in Internet Explorer.

After downloading and unstuffing, just drop either “The Nisus Way—Frames.html” or “The Nisus Way—No Frames.html” onto the icon of your web browser.

*You must have Stuffit Expander 5.0 or later to decompress files the “.sit” version of the file (as opposed to the “.sea” version). If you don’t already have Stuffit Expander, you can download it for free.

The Print Version (a stroll down memory lane)

cover graphicThe Nisus Way, © 1996 by Joe Kissell
ISBN 1-55828-455-9
600 pp. with index, includes CD-ROM
Published by MIS:Press (which was later acquired by IDG Books)
SRP US$29.95

Nisus Writer is a high-end Macintosh word processor—and a very cool geek tool, with no peer on Windows or even UNIX (Emacs users eat your heart out). Written for geek and nongeek alike, The Nisus Way makes sense of all the powerful tools this program has to offer, while filling the reader in on the history and philosophy of the program and providing practical, real-world advice on using Nisus Writer for things like e-mail, HTML, long documents, and multimedia presentations. The book includes a CD-ROM with a 90-day free demo of Nisus Writer (which can then be licensed for a mere US$79), a FREE copy of Nisus Compact, and a plethora of macros, floating tool bars, and other goodies.

The Nisus Way Meta-Reading

Contacting the Author

To contact Joe Kissell, send e-mail to or stop by his home page.

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