The Nisus Way FAQ Page


Questions about the online version

Questions about the print version


You mean you actually put the whole book online? And it’s free?

Your book only covers Nisus Writer up to version 4.1.6. Will you be updating The Nisus Way to cover version 5.1 (which, after all, has been the current version for over two years)?

What about the next version of Nisus Writer? Nisus Software has been promising Nisus Writer 6, a.k.a. “Nisus Writer 2000,” for both Mac and Windows, for well over a year now. Will you update the book for that vesion?

Can I write to you for help with my Nisus Writer problem?

Questions about the online version

I can’t decompress the files on my machine. Why don’t you compress them using an older format that anyone can decompress?

What are the differences between the print version and the online version?

That Table of Contents in the “frames” version takes forever to load, and during that time my machine appears to be frozen. Is there any way you can speed that up?

Why is there no index?

Why are the graphics all in black-and-white?

When viewed in Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.x, the spacing is kind of wonky. Is there anything you can do about that?

Did you use Nisus Writer to convert The Nisus Way to HTML?

I have a book that I want to convert to HTML. Will you send me your macros?

Questions about the print version

How can I get a printed copy of the original book?

I found a used (or remaindered) copy of the book, but the CD was missing or damaged. Can I get a replacement?

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