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551 Appendix D. Troubleshooting

No software is perfect, and chances are, sooner or later, something will disrupt your otherwise blissful experience with Nisus Writer. While the number of things that could go wrong (and the list of possible solutions) is quite large, there are some basic things anyone can check. When you encounter problems, here are some steps you can take to resolve them.

What Have You Got?

When someone calls Nisus Technical Support with a problem, certain questions are always asked first. If you ask yourself these questions (and understand why they’re important), you’ll increase your chances of solving the problem.

Dealing with Crashes

A “crash” is when any of the following things happens:

Crashes may or may not be caused by Nisus Writer…it may be that Nisus Writer just happened to be running when something else decided to go wrong. In any case, the first thing you should do if you experience a crash is to restart the computer—even if you are not forced to restart. (If you continue working on your computer, chances are it will crash again.) Often, merely restarting solves the problem. But if you continue to experience crashes, here are some things you can do:

Printing Problems

Most printing problems with Nisus Writer can be traced to the printer driver being used. In general, the Apple LaserWriter driver produces much better results than third-party drivers. If you have a third-party PostScript laser printer, see if it will work with the Apple driver instead. Another general rule is that printing in the background is less reliable than printing in the foreground. Try turning off background printing and see if things improve. And if you’re using a non-PostScript printer, you may want to invest in a copy of the latest version of Adobe Type Manager (ATM). Some of the fonts used by the Table Tool and certain WorldScript languages will not print smoothly on a QuickDraw printer without ATM.

There have been some problems with the LaserWriter 8.x driver that earlier versions did not have. Apple still includes the older (version 7) LaserWriter driver on its System Software CD’s—you may want to install that if you have problems with LaserWriter 8.

555 Language Key Problems

As I mentioned in a note like this in Chapter 13, the Language Key is, thankfully, a thing of the past as of version 5. Better yet, all Language Kits are now included as part of Mac OS 9 at no extra charge!

There are a number of problems that are unique to systems using the Language Key. Here are the two most common ones:

If you switch to a new startup disk, you must reinstall the Language Kit or Language Key Extensions from the original disks. You can’t just drag the WorldScript-related files from one system into the other, because some resources are “invisibly” installed into your System file.

Other Sources for Answers

Nisus Software no longer maintains a presence on CompuServe or America Online, and eWorld disappeared into the Ether years ago. But you can still contact them on the internet.

Nisus Software's domain name has been shortened to nisus.com. So their main web site is www.nisus.com; technical support is at www.nisus.com/Products/NisusWriter/Support/; updates and so on can be downloaded from www.nisus.com/Products/NisusWriter/Upgrade/Update.asp.

The Nisus Mailing List is still going strong. You can find more details about the list at www.nisus.com/Support/MailingList.asp.

557 Contacting Technical Support

If you’ve tried everything in this appendix and still haven’t resolved your problem, it’s time to contact Nisus Technical Support. Before you do, take note of all the items under “What Have You Got?” above; they’ll want to know, and it will help to have that information handy.

There are a number of ways to reach the technical support department:

  1. Send E-mail. On America Online and eWorld the address is NisusTech. On CompuServe, it’s 75300,1243, and on the Internet, it’s support@nisus-soft.com.
  2. Send a fax to (619) 481-6154.
  3. Call technical support at (619) 481-1477.
  4. Send mail to Nisus Technical Support, P.O. Box 1300, Solana Beach, CA 92075.

The new support e-mail address is support@nisus.com. Also, Nisus Software has a new area code. The numbers listed above with a (619) area code are now (858).

Of all the methods of contacting Technical Support, E-mail is far and away the best. You’ll generally get the quickest response, it’s the easiest type of inquiry for the folks at Nisus to deal with, and best of all, the service is free!

Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1999 by Joe Kissell

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