About this CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains the files discussed in The Nisus Way by Joe Kissell. Here's a quick overview of what you'll find

In this folder is an installer which will place a fully functional copy of Nisus Writer (version 4.1.3) on your hard drive—simply double-click the installer icon and follow the on-screen instructions on-screen. If you don't already own Nisus Writer, this is the easiest way to get it! You'll have a full 90 days from the time you first launch it to try it out before it expires. If you decide to keep and use the program, you must purchase a registration number from Nisus Software Inc. to unlock the program for permanent, unlimited use. The cost of registration is only $79.00 (you'd pay at least $125 to purchase the program in a store). You can also purchase Nisus Software's documentation, if you wish—either in printed form or on CD-ROM. To register your copy of Nisus Writer, contact Nisus Software:

This folder contains an installer which will place on your hard drive a fully functional copy of Nisus Compact—simply double-click the installer icon and follow the on-screen instructions. Nisus Compact is a streamlined word processor based on Nisus 3.4 (Nisus Writer's immediate predecessor). It is small, fast, and PowerBook-friendly, and it will read and write Nisus Writer files. However, it lacks high-end Nisus Writer features like macros, graphics tools, sound and PowerFind. (But note that this copy of Nisus Compact does not include any on-line documentation other than Balloon Help.) If you wish to continue using Nisus Compact for more than 90 days, Nisus Software Inc. asks that you register it (see above) so that you can be informed of upgrades, add-ons, and special offers. Registration of Nisus Compact is FREE for owners of The Nisus Way, and you can also opt to purchase a printed manual if you wish.

MailKeeper™ is Nisus Software's latest program. To install this program, just double-click the installer icon and follow the on-screen directions. MailKeeper is an easy-to-use, category-based database that gives you a fast, convenient way to store, organize, and retrieve notes, E-mail messages, E-mail addresses, and URLs. This copy of MailKeeper (1.0.2) is fully functional, except that you are limited to storing 50 notes and 25 addresses. Full documentation (in electronic form) is also included. You can register the program for only $35.00 (see above) and obtain a code that will unlock the program so that you can store an unlimited number of items. Note: In all probability, a newer version of MailKeeper will be available by the time you read this. Check out the Demos, Updates & Extras page on Nisus Software's web site for an updater: http://www.nisus-soft.com/demos_updates.html

If you're brand new to Nisus Writer, you might want to check out this self-running demo. It will give you a quick overview of the program's major features and benefits. To run the demo, simply double-click the Nisus Writer Demo icon.

QUED/M is Nisus Software's Quality EDitor with Macros. Ideal for programmers, this application shares many of Nisus Writer's powerful text-processing features (like macros and GREP-based Find/Replace) and easily integrates into programming environments from Apple, Symantec, and Metrowerks. This demonstration version of QUED/M 2.7.2 will not save or print, but is otherwise fully functional. For best results, copy this entire folder to your hard drive before using it.

For users who work in Japanese, TSM Passport is a highly capable, bilingual Japanese-English/English-Japanese on-line dictionary. Note:In order to use this demo, you must have either Apple's Japanese Language Kit or KanjiTalk System Software installed. Instructions for installing and using this demo are included in the folder.

This folder contains all of the macros, glossaries, stationery, and other sample files mentioned in The Nisus Way. For easy reference, the files are grouped according to the chapter in which they're discussed. (For this reason, there is also some duplication among these files.) Many of the macros here can also be found in the Macros folder (see below). Note: for best results, copy these files to your hard drive before opening them.

This folder contains new floating tool bars that can be used with your copy of Nisus Writer. Be sure to read the installation instructions inside this folder before attempting to use them. Some of these tool bars require a particular macro file to be loaded. The necessary macro files can be found in the Macros/Glossaries/Stationery folder. Note: These files must be copied to your hard drive before being used.

This folder contains macros, macros, and more macros—conveniently grouped into a huge file (in two versions—with and without “Merge” macros). An explanatory Read Me file is included as well. Note: for best results, copy these files to your hard drive before opening them.

In this folder you'll find PowerTalk business cards for Joe Kissell, and for Nisus Software's Technical Support, Feature Request, and Bug Reporting addresses. You'll also find a copy of Phil Giltner's bib.db 1.4 (US$5.00 shareware), a combination FileMaker Pro database and Nisus Writer macro which makes it easy to store and format bibliographic information. Note: for best results, copy these files to your hard drive before opening them. A Final Note: To keep up with the latest and greatest versions of Nisus Software's products, be sure to visit their web site: http://www.nisus-soft.com To find out about Joe Kissell's latest exploits (and obtain any updates to his Nisus Writer macros that may be available), visit the ComputerGeeks® web site: http://www.computergeeks.com

Joe Kissell


November, 1995