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1 Acknowledgements

I include the original Acknowledgements page for historical completeness…though most of the people mentioned here have moved on to other roles or companies, and some of the relationships (as with my ex-wife) are long over.

However, I would like to extend thanks to my girlfriend, Morgen, for her forbearance and encouragement as I slogged through the tedious HTMLization of this book, and to all the folks on the Nisus list who continue to praise and recommend my book after all these years.

My wife, Nicole, and my son, Ben, endured entirely too many days and nights of my preoccupation with deadlines, and their presence and support throughout this project was an enormous encouragement.

Perhaps the single biggest contributor to this book was Mel Martinez, whom I “met” on the Nisus E-mail discussion list. In addition to being the technical editor and pointing out my oversights and errors, he made many creative suggestions that have been invaluable in my pursuit of The Nisus Way. The comments and questions of many other subscribers to the Nisus discussion list were also influential in shaping this book. In particular, Bob Daly, Adam and Tonya Engst, Matt Neuburg, Nigel Perry, and Gregory Charles Rivers offered food for thought, macro ideas, and many other suggestions. Phil Giltner generously provided his bib.db database for inclusion on the CD-ROM. And Sandra Silcot, by developing the HTML macros, has helped to transform Nisus Writer into one of the best HTML authoring tools anywhere.

I am indebted to all the folks at Nisus Software Inc. Jerzy Lewak and Ryland Madison provided both moral and technical support, and Edwina Riblet went beyond the call of duty in arranging for all the software to be provided for the CD-ROM and dealing with numerous logistical details. Heath Horton, John Boyd, and Slawek Grzechnik patiently answered all my dumb questions, and Clint Schmucker and Raquel Romano helped me figure out a number of technical details. James Walker and Johanna Newell came through at the last minute with the CD-ROM version of Nisus Writer. Piotr Filipowski put up with an endless series of unreasonable requests and still managed to help me with testing. Pete Ochabski provided inspiration and lots of smart remarks. And Mark Hurvitz’s contribution was beyond words. Other Nisus employees, too numerous to mention, provided assistance and input all along, and I thank them one and all.

This book would not be possible without the enthusiastic efforts of Laura Lewin, Andy Neusner, Stephanie Doyle, and Paul Farrell at MIS:Press, and I deeply appreciate their help in this project. Fellow geek, co-conspirator, and friend David McKee provided much-needed moral support and Fanta soda. And finally, I’d like to thank members and hangers-on of the Mennonite Fellowship of San Diego, who continually help me to keep my sanity and my perspective.

Copyright © 1995, 1996, 1999 by Joe Kissell

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